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You have come to the right place if you are hoping to resolve an ant or rodent infestation.

And you really don't need to look any further. Just give us a call and it won't be long before one of our technicians will be knocking on your door to diagnose your situation and get you back to a pest free environment. We offer competitive rates and we guarantee that we will continue to work on your particular problem for the duration of the contract.

When it comes to ants, we are Vancouver's premier team, with the most experience at chasing them back to the wild.
Why us? We have over 25 years experience dealing with all common pest problems in the Lower Mainland. Word of mouth is our best resource for business, but we need to reach out through the internet to meet people like you, who haven't heard of us. You probably have a neighbour who we have helped in the past, if you ask around you will be surprised at how many people you know that have already had us come out and resolve their own pest invasion.

You haven't seen our vehicles on the road because we don't brand them. Through years of experience we have found that many customers do not want to advertise to their neighbours that they have a pest problem. We offer the same consideration to all our customers and you will avoid any embarrassing questions by the nosy neighbour down the street.

Maybe you are new to the neighbourhood or maybe you have been there forever, but when you are seeing (or hearing) unwanted non-human guests in your space, it's time to give us call. You'll be glad you did. Pick up the phone and CALL NOW!!

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